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Anesthesiologist and Nurse Anesthetists are the foundation of an Anesthesia service. The success and failure of MASC is based on the people we work with. An Anesthesia Service is a people-oriented business.

At MASC, we understand that if our people are happy, they will treat others in kind.

Who are we looking to employ?

Nurse Anesthetists
Office Personnel

MASC is looking for people who will align with our values.

Good Humor

Patients deserve nothing less than the highest level of service we can provide them. Kindness and compassion are at the heart of our company and our name is synonymous with exceptional care and outstanding personnel.

Our patients are the heart of our business and they will be the key factor to our success or failure. Slowly, carefully, we must build this company with like-minded individuals who strive for the same level of excellence that Dr. DeMarco expects of himself.

We appreciate thoughtful, hard working fun loving, compassionate people who are willing to contribute their talents to make MASC a great company. MASC is looking for well-rounded individuals who want to provide outstanding patient care and have fun doing it!

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