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We can perform virtually any dental treatment through our sleep dentistry method

Dr. Anthony J. DeMarco

Welcome to Our Practice

I am Dr. Anthony J. DeMarco, the founder and President of MASC. We are a state of the art company dedicated to outstanding and safe patient care. Most importantly, we are dedicated to ensuring not only your safety, but also your comfort and well-being during the procedure. By getting to know you as a patient, we can understand your needs, and develop a trusting rapport with you, and your family. Patient Care, comfort and well being are our ultimate goals.

Dr. DeMarco is a board certified Anesthesiologist. He received his medical degree from Kansas City University, and his Anesthesia training from Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia. After completing his training and receiving his license, Dr. DeMarco spent 9 years at Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia. There he not only worked in the operating room, but also developed a pain service. Returning to Hahnemann University Hospital, he became director of Same Day Surgery.

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  • Dr. DeMarco had a great bedside manner and answered all my questions. I felt okay nauseous afterwards. I like the clinic just fine.

    - Brendan Roache

  • Dr. DeMarco was super and I would recommend him. Dr. DeMarco relaxed me; it was great! The clinic is good.

    - Anthony Donato

  • MASC was great, Dr. DeMarco was personable and put me at ease. I was shocked when Dr. DeMarco booked her personally for her appointment. That gave me confidence in MASC. I thought Dr. DeMarco appeared to be a great team player. He even went out and got my brother to come in and even commented how much my brother and I look alike.

    - Targ Murphy commenting on her procedure at OMSCNJ

  • Everything went very well. No problems. I was pleased by Dr. DeMarco and how informative he was.

    - Rebecca Lemma