Common Questions

Please read our answers to some frequently asked questions.

Questions Frequently Asked by Patients:

  1. How do you put me to sleep?
    We use gas to put the patient to sleep. Once the patient is asleep, we start an IV. Very often, patients are scared of getting stuck for the IV medications. By putting the patient asleep first we alleviate that fear, and make it a smoother induction of anesthesia.
  2. Will I be nauseated or vomited postoperatively?
    We use three different medications that prevent nausea. Also, our doctors use local anesthesia to reduce intraoperative and post-op pain. This eliminates the need for IV narcotics to control patient pain.
  3. Will you be in the room the whole time?
    Yes I will be there from start to finish.

Questions Frequently Asked by Clients:

  1. If I want to use MASC anesthesia during my in office procedures will I need to invest in new equipment to deliver the anesthesia?
    No, MASC brings the operating room to you by providing the necessary equipment.
  2. What are the different types of Anesthesia given in office based anesthesia?
    In office-based anesthesia we provide conscious sedation and general anesthesia.