Dental Anesthesia Services

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Due to widespread fear of dental procedures, many patients would rather cope with the pain, risk of infection and inability to smile. MASC’s dental anesthesia services make having a complete oral rehab, periodontal surgery, implant placement possible by alleviating the fear and anxiety the patient harbors.

Dental anesthesia takes the fear out of the equation to enable patients to have the dental care necessary. We take our time, and do what the patient needs to ensure their well-being and safety. When patients are more comfortable under anesthesia, the doctor and staff may focus on restoring the patient’s oral health.

“Thanks to Dr. DeMarco, I was very comfortable with the whole procedure. I was nervous of course, but Anthony explained everything and helped make me comfortable. When I woke up it was like, ‘Okay it’s over.’  I recommend that anybody that has to have major work done on their teeth and are afraid of the dentist, should call MASC”

Karen Cassidy (Sinus Lift Patient)

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