About Us

Anesthesia is an integral part of any procedure. Anesthesia is essential to ensure the procedure will be pain free and anxiety free.

MASC believes that instead of bringing the patient to the hospital, we provide anesthesia services in an environment that the patient is familiar, and the patient knows and feels a level of comfort. We come to the patient in their doctor’s office. We believe, by providing our patient anesthesia services in their doctor’s office, we will substantially reduce patient fear and anxiety. In our experience by reducing these two factors, we will improve the patient’s overall experience and likely reduce their overall complication rate. This isn’t just lip service. At MASC, we have studied this very component with one of our doctors over several years. We compared her complication rate with our services in our office against the same procedure done in a local hospital setting. Hands down, there was a reduction in patient fear and anxiety, which translated into fewer complications, and fewer post-op visits.

We at MASC have the most cutting edge clinical, medical and technical training. We not only use this to provide our anesthetics, but we care, and that comes through in our interaction with the patient, staff and doctor. We provide a meditation CD for patients to listen to prior to the procedure. We call a week before the procedure to obtain a history, formulate our plan, answer any questions, and most importantly create a rapport with our patients. We understand that we aren’t building cars; we are treating patients. Our compassion and concern comes through as we speak to our patients. That to us is of paramount importance to develop a rapport and ultimately to gain trust from our patients. This concern comes through as we interact with the staff and doctors. They see that we are all about the safety and well being for our mutual patients. That fact gives both the doctors and staff peace of mind. We are all on the same page, and that helps everyone to be most effective at focusing on the patient.