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“I thought Dr. DeMarco was really wonderful. He put me at ease. He has been my Anesthesiologist twice now. The second time, I was very relieved when I saw him. I have worked in a hospital setting for 20 years and Dr. DeMarco is one of the best and is A-1.”
Marie Tansey

“I thought everything went perfectly and was excellent. I thought Dr. DeMarco was a great guy. It was convenient to have the anesthesia right in the office. I was happy with the outcome and my other daughter is having her procedure done the same way.”
Daniel Love’s Mother

“The team was great! Dr. Bradley is the best. I think subcontracting an anesthesiologist is a BRILLIANT idea!!! Dr. Demarco was wonderful with Lindsey and I was impressed, he called the night before the procedure to explain things.”
Lindsey Moonan’s Mother

“I was most pleased with the results. I was delighted that MASC called so I could tell you how “noticeable” the difference was having someone doing the procedure that put her at ease. My suggestion would be to tell Dr. DeMarco to stay the same and not change anything he does.”
Eugenia Dilg

“I thought Dr. DeMarco was excellent and “unbelievable”. I was impressed that he read my chart first and checked my blood pressure. He saw it was high and waited to start the anesthesia. He explained everything very clearly. He was excellent and pleasant.”
Virginia Frino

“I thought that Dr. DeMarco and Dr. Checchio worked well together. I felt I was lucky to have such personable and conscientious doctors in the same place. I thought Dr. DeMarco explained everything fully and understandably. I thought the two doctors were both excellent.”
Ms. Cichonke on behalf of her son

“Dr. DeMarco had a great bedside manner and answered all my questions. I felt okay nauseous afterwards. I like the clinic just fine.”
Brendan Roache

“Dr. DeMarco was super and I would recommend him. Dr. DeMarco relaxed me; it was great! The clinic is good.”
Anthony Donato

“MASC was great, Dr. DeMarco was personable and put me at ease. I was shocked when Dr. DeMarco booked her personally for her appointment. That gave me confidence in MASC. I thought Dr. DeMarco appeared to be a great team player. He even went out and got my brother to come in and even commented how much my brother and I look alike.”
Targ Murphy commenting on her procedure at OMSCNJ

“Everything went very well. No problems. I was pleased by Dr. DeMarco and how informative he was.”
Rebecca Lemma

“Good Job. Dr. DeMarco was wonderful. I was very happy we did the procedure in the office.”
Erica Chesses

“The day runs much smoother when MASC is here.”
Stafford Endoscopy Center

“Everything was great. Dr. DeMarco made my son feel very comfortable.”
John Edgar