MASC Offers Anesthesia Services to Help People Overcome Dental Phobia

For Immediate Release:

Mobile Anesthesia Service Concepts, LLC, a privately held company based in Newton, PA, offers dental anesthesia service to help people overcome dental phobia or fear of dentists. Dental anesthesia is a great procedure that takes the fear out of the equation to enable patients to have dental care necessary.

“Due to widespread fear of dental procedures, many patients would rather cope with the pain, risk of infection and inability to smile. MASC’s dental anesthesia services make having a complete oral rehab, periodontal surgery, implant placement possible by alleviating the fear and anxiety the patient harbors,” said Dr. Antony J. DeMarco, the founder and president of MASC.

Dental anesthesia is actually intended for patients who are suffering from dental anxiety and fear to visit dentist’s chamber. Dental anesthesia, offered at MASC, helps people feel comfortable and the doctor and staff may focus on restoring the patient’s oral health.

“We are a state of the art company dedicated to outstanding and safe patient care. Most importantly, we are dedicated to ensuring not only your safety, but also your comfort and well-being during the procedure. By getting to know you as a patient, we can understand your needs, and develop a trusting rapport with you, and your family. Patient Care, comfort and well being are our ultimate goals,” Dr. Antony DeMarco continues.